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Personalized Pressure
Tourniquet Systems
No two people are the same. Treating every patient with precise, personalized care is the inspiration behind our market-leading Tourniquet System design. The new Zimmer® A.T.S. 4000 doesn’t just stop blood flow. It calculates a patient's pressure at an individual level and recommends the minimum amount of tourniquet pressure needed to occlude a limb at a specific time, with a specific cuff, and for a specific patient limb.

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Personalized Pressure – Publications

A.T.S.® Cuffs

These durable, latex-free sterile cuffs are designed for enhanced performance and patient comfort while delivering the convenience of single-use.

For a complete Personalized Pressure Tourniquet System, combine:

A.T.S. 4000 Tourniquet Machine
A.T.S. Disposable Cuffs
• Limb Protection Sleeves

Personalized Pressure can help surgeons choose a more individual, often lower, cuff pressure. Lower tourniquet cuff pressure reduces post-operative wound complications after TKA.1

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1. Olivecrona C, Ponzer S, Hamberg P, Blomfeldt R. Lower Tourniquet Cuff Pressure Reduces Postoperative Wound Complications After Total Knee Arthroplasty. Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery;94; 2216-21.
2. Noordin S, McEwen JA, Kragh JF Jr, Eisen A, Masri BA. Surgical tourniquets in orthopaedics. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2009 Dec;91(12):2958-67.

Minimizing tourniquet pressure and pressure gradients by using Personalized Pressure helps minimize the risk of nerve-related injuries.2

Introducing the A.T.S.®4000 – Zimmer’s Personalized Pressure™ Tourniquet System
Zimmer continues to offer the only tourniquet systems on the market with a calculated response for Personalized Pressure.

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Complete Personalized Pressure System

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